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A few days back I had a serious issue with the plumbing in my en-suit bathroom. I walked into my bedroom and was horrified to find water everywhere and the carpet, my belongings and the furniture in my bedroom soaked through.

Hurrying into the bathroom, I waded what was quickly becoming a small flood and discovered that the problem lay with the shower. Water was leaking from a damaged pipe that due to its pressure had accumulated in the bath before overflowing and flooding both the en-suit and my bedroom. Many of my things were damaged or destroyed as a result and I was understandably upset.

After a moment or two of confusion, I realized I needed to take action before things got any worse, so I pulled myself together and called an emergency plumber. The plumber quickly came out and fixed the immediate problem, and he advised me to get an electric shower replacement. Keen to avoid any further problems, I decided to take his advice and get the electric shower installed in my en-suit bathroom.

Later that day I did some research online and came across a local company called Berry & Davies Electricals, who came with good recommendations and seemed to offer good value for buying and the installation of electric showers. Without wasting any time I got in touch with Berry & Davis and after a helpful chat, had all the information I needed to make a decision. I discovered that Berry & Davies are a top electrical suppliers located in my region and if like me you need an electrician, their services are great and come at competitive rates.

With over 30 years experience in the electrical trade, Berry & Davies can offer many great solutions to a huge variety of installation, repair and maintenance emergencies. Whether you need an electrician for home or office, Berry & Davies have a team of professionals who are ready to help you out with any number of electrical breakdowns. The quality services Berry & Davies Electricals provide are available to home owners and businesses in several parts of the country including Hereford, Worcester, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Ledbury, Ross-on-Wye, Leominster and many, many more.